-Alison Lewis has developed an awesome website. Alison test recipes for many different magazines and is an excellent cook. I have made practically every recipe she has sent out and each one is better than the one before. They are all quick, easy and healthy. What more could you ask for? I have copy and pasted the one I received today. It is so fun coming to work everyday and getting a new recipe. It is great because it helps me to think of what to cook that evening. Caren, Birmingham, AL


-I just made your Chocolate-Dipped Caramels, and they were a huge success. They’re awesome!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! Rosemary, Birmingham, AL

-“Alison, you’re killing me.  Your recipes have been a huge success in my house so Thank you for telling me what I want for dinner.” Julie, Birmingham, AL


-Just wanted you to know that I look forward to your emails every day! They give me great ideas for dinner, and I love that you are so health conscience. Cynthia, Chattanooga, TN

-I’m making these tomorrow night for friends and family. I know if it is Alison’s recipe, it will be good!!! Lisa-Nashville, TN


-I love this blog!  I am forwarding the link to about 20 or more friends/cousins of mine!  Ruth-Westchester, NY

-Alison, You rock!
Every recipe I get I like more than the day before. You have certainly made my husband happy. Now I don’t say “what do you want for dinner” I just make the recipe that I received the day before.
Kudos to all of your HARD work. Thank your family for us since they are your test people—they have great taste. Caryn-Birmingham, AL

-I wake up every morning and hop on your blog to see what you have posted for my family to try! thanks! Dawn-Birmingham, AL


-I missed it on the news.  The food looked delicious and you looked great! I’m looking forward to seeing you on tv more! Jennifer-Birmingham, AL


-Love the blog!!!  So many great recipes and I love all the ideas that include your kids!!!!  Amy-Birmingham, AL


-Alison, Love the website. I have signed up lots of friends and they all love it too. Good luck in all your cooking endeavors…I am sure they will be a huge success! Robin-Birmingham, AL

-I bookmarked your site, and I appreciate your time and effort to make your blog a success! Rachel-Dunmore, PA

-I am looking forward to reading your new site in the future AGAIN Good Luck  Barbra  Krystyna  Michnowski, in Bondi Junction Australia


-Your blog has become my “go to site” when I need some new food ideas. I have so many of your recipes saved that I can’t wait to try. When you cook for a family of five most nights it’s easy to run out of ideas and get bored. I enjoy cooking and your site has inspired me with all kinds of new things to try. I look forward to getting your posts! Jennifer-Birmingham, AL

Alison, I love your website! The recipes look yummy and I love the Leigh and me section! Penny-Philadelphia, PA



Alison, I love getting your recipes everyday! Donna, Birmingham, AL


-Alison, This is the greatest. Your recipes are wonderful. I am on weight watchers now (trying to lose weight to fit in the dress that I wore for my daughter’s wedding) and your recipes have been perfect. I get so excited everyday when I see an email from your website. Good job, keep em’ coming! Caren-Birmingham, AL


-You do ALL of the thinking (about what to cook) for me. Thanks so much! Susan, Birmingham, AL


-I love your website! Every day when I get a new email I get excited to see what new recipe you have for us. I am working really hard lately on staying healthy and your recipes have been wonderful for me. I recently made the chicken corn chowder and loved it! Erica-Birmingham, AL


-Hawaii is in your fan club on Facebook, Wayne-Hawaii


-Alison, I love it! I love to cook but get stuck in a rut cooking the same things over and over. Your sight is a wonderful cure for that!! Ashley-Birmingham, AL


-Submit yourself to the Food Network.  You you seem tailor made for them. John, Los Angeles, California


-My wife joined your wife’s website. She likes a lot of the recipe’s. She has printed some of the recipes, In fact this morning’s waffles were great, and the kid’s loved them! Jamie, Montgomery, AL


 -My friend told me about your blog and signed me up. Your recipes look wonderful! I did not know this was your talent. Toby-Birmingham, AL  


-This is a wonderful site! I made the chocolate cake this weekend and no one had any idea it was from a mix – including my sister that “only bakes from scratch”! I used your recipe for the chocolate syrup = wonderful and easy. I am a “foodie” and love new sites – great work, please pass on my compliments to Alison! Joy-Tampa, FL


-This is a great website! Kevin-Birmingham, AL


-Mom, I love your blog. It’s awesome!!  Zachary, Birmingham, Al


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